Aesthetic search is the a means and a purpose to fill the gap caused by rationality of a man



I create forms and catch the purity of the creative moment in his first (primitive) spontaneity, supposing a timeless instant through the matter.


Every form, colour or symbol distancing man from his inner silence is repudiated.


The difficulty to express oneself is not considered, because the spontaneous expression is the driving force of the Art focused on searching the only aim of beauty.


Every signed creation doesn’t coincide with creative energy, because I’ am aware of being not the creators, but only a means.


I believe that complexity and essential should be congruent. Redundancy is never synonym of figurative harmony.


The one who’s called “artist” catches the essence inside the creative instant and gives substance to it, transforming it in a new purified and lifeless form.

... Man can’t help being a fitness to the peculiar huge complexity of a flower. How many millennia it took to be what it is now?
Yet, despite of its incomparable complexity, it is the most essential thing among all others.
So, its own essence reveals the secret of its efficient beauty.
Emotion we feel trough creation is actually an aesthetic perception of our inner pureness.
Thanks to his prophetic vision “the feet here, the eyes elsewhere” the artist catches the essence of the emotions. He expresses them through his art and makes them enjoyable.
Our aim is taking on an extreme level the power of Essential. We experience the precise instant after thought: so we try to create a timeless moment.
The New contemporary nature of Riccardo Stellini thought stimulate human beings to come close the inner silence, playing with the magnetic power of the visual impression.
The contemporaneity of the lines and materials reminds at the same time the synergy and the evolution between Man and Nature. We play with inert matter, trying to harmonize the distance between two “centres” (social man and wild nature).
Riccardo Stellini chooses perspex (the main material used for the works). Its extraordinary transparency looks like the most natural thing among the huge and complex artificiality. In this way man talks consistently with his own status of modern man. Implicitly we suppose a compromise between Man and Nature: Evolution.


13th September 1988. Riccardo Stellini was born in Florence. Curious, rebel, perfectionist: since his early childhood he is fascinated by the complexity of the matter. He took apart objects and silently observed its components. But nothing is more attractive than the deep space and celestial bodies: this interest seemed to hold the seeds of future inner and outside searches. Riccardo grew in a lively and dynamic cultural environment and he became always more sensitive and wishful of new experiences. By chance he got in touch with the thinking of Paul Morand and he understood what is the first step to take: “To travel is to be unfaithful. Be it without remorse”. After the diploma, he left the study. He was still so young, but already so seduced by Wanderlust that he began to travel a lot around the world. He lived and worked in New York, London, Cyprus, Canarian Islands. He often met painters, musicians and eclectic street actors: he is impressed by the art expressed with a such charming spontaneity. The motivation to an inward search led him to learn about Osho and he is very astounded by this figure. The Indian mystic made him to unearth another side of himself: it’s apparently a removed aspect, but he concretely becomes aware of the need of a more inner and authentic contact with consciousness. He begins an enduring passion towards psychology. Reading Erich Fromm and Mikhael Aivanhov was crucial for him. In this period, his aptitude to aesthetical experience got stronger. What becomes visible only through art is a nourishment for Riccardo. He admires the poetic metaphysics by Giorgio de Chirico, the timeless imagination by Mark Rothko, the heartfelt aestheticism by Richard Long. At the same time he steadily goes on to search for a personal expression, free of external conditioning. He is extremely passionate about Essential and he is going to realize its firm connection with Beauty. Essential is never regression nor depletion: it is freedom, and above all it is joyful surfacing of an intimate Beauty. A primordial but marvellously complex Beauty. This feeling reveals itself since his first experiments to canalize his creative instinct: he uses different materials, first of all wood, metals and fabrics; then glass, polystyrene and Perspex. When Riccardo builds, assembles, decomposes and paints, he seems to meditate, just when he was a child. With time, a fine irreverence takes over his works, but nevertheless they always preserve a strong respect for Nature and her intrinsic harmony. Deeply empathetic, with a great power of imagination and thirst for knowledge, he always looks for inspiration and sharing. Egocentric and ambitious, he devoted himself to an idea or a project only if they sound like crazy.

Kristen Dee

contemporary tree

Go-between artist want to ghater all teh essence of his artwork, through a evocative title. he propose a guideline to free interpretation

cm 100 x 100 x 140

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irrational harmony

The contrast of the shapes, the opposition between cubic and spheroidal geometry, is the visual transcription of that eternal struggle intrinsic to humankind, between rational and irrational, between spontaneity and logos, between the sensory and cognitive experience. The “go-between” artist manifests in the creation the need to resolve this dichotomy giving rise to a liaison between the two essential aspects of human evolution, that is by reaching an irrational harmony. The cubic geometry of perspex represents the man rationality and his thought. it looks something fading, light and delicate and it must rest on the one possible point of support of the sphere to stand up and to respect the laws of physics. This is a way to find a balance between rational mind and natural soul. The sphere represents the soul. She is so small, but she can prop up the great untruth of rationality, whose logic imprisoning the spirit and cheating creativity, leads the human being to destiny of suffering and disharmony.

cm 187 x 140

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the eternal transcience of a moment

the painting expresses a timeless instant of the “go-between artist”. The go-between artist chose ruby to show his own inner surface: the blood. He considers the blood a means to talk with his unconscious; even if it is part of his body it is uncontrollable. So the artist assails the 4 polystyrene pommels. Because of their artificial nature, they are malleable and frangible. In this way the artist reveals his inner insecurity about the outcome of the battle between conscious and subconscious. The surface in polystyrene should be a fertile soil to receive a brave act by the artist toward is Superior Self. The creative moment is transient during his realisation and has balanced forms. So, it reveals that the harmony in the battle between conscious and subconscious is a necessity.

cm 215 x 66

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contemporary tears

Contemporary tears is a distinctive creation of the “go-between” artist.It is different because it is realized with a technique, contrary to all the other conceptual works. The technique used by the “go-between” artist is the mosaic: 8000 mixed elements have been applied to compose a misogynous face. Her emotion is born from an external human strength, and it makes her vulnerable: she is aware that human actions mean adding sufferings to that pain born from a pervading inner incompleteness. In this creation the face would like to represents human purity, through a misogynous white look essential. Whereas the paint added on the face represents pain. The face is permeated with a lively and jovial colour. Even though her sparkling aspect doesn’t reflect the disappointing negative feeling – hidden beyond the work – the contemporary tears on the misogynous face express a condition of modern man, where emotion is inevitably stereotyped. Pain is growing away through the aware estrangement from the primordial emotion of the human crying. During its evolution towards externals, this crying is anyway imprisoned by morality and his ways it chooses to show itself.

cm 200 X 200

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respecting others

The monochromatic white canvas and the paintbrush dipped in white paint are equivalent to a guitar without strings, whose silence does not express the impossibility of a score, but it is the pause that opens to infinite possibility; it is the possibility to record without the will to do it, the possibility to trace without wanting to take action. For the “go-between artist” the motive is the respect for that creative energy, for that primordial creative force that permeates every particle of being and that crosses the life itself The canvas and white brush offer an experience of absolute freedom that crosses over an energy dimension, in the beyond. For this ,it’s a phenomenic artwork, which no longer wants to represent or present something, but it stands as footprint, as an impression of the universal flow, vital and creative, received from the outside Following the example of the “go-between artist”, the viewer is invited to enter empathically in this energetic dimension, original source of creativity itself. The creative instant doesn’t need to be visible with eyes: it is pure abstractionism and pure emotion. The artwork hide also another meaning: liberty, even if it’s limited: we can be anything, any colour we want to be, but we can’t be more empty than emptiness or more essential than essence. This work conveys a great sensation of liberty. The Receiver can observe, but at the same time he can feel limited in front of the emotional greatness of the truly essence.

cm 200 x 200

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The absolute essential of formal values artwork is an attempt to express the anger of man for his exemplary and innate trouble to understand the essential. Since his birth man feels an atavistic distrust for essential and amoral determinism. This feeling brings him to look for “something else”: so he builds a deep relationship with evolution and day after day he gets away from his inner purifying silence. Thanks to his characteristic transparency, Perspex is like the most natural thing among the great complexity of artificiality. In this way the go-between artist coherently talks with his own status of modern man. It implicitly recalls the atemporal compromise between Man and Nature: Evolution. This work also states that Death exists paradoxically since Birth, under the name of Evolution. Life of man lasts for a period. This time is beat since the first moment, but it is unknown and not quantifiable.

cm 160 x 110 x 20

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Go-between artist want to ghater all teh essence of his artwork, through a evocative title. he propose a guideline to free interpretation

cm 200 X 200

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Go-between artist want to ghater all teh essence of his artwork, through a evocative title. he propose a guideline to free interpretation

cm 215 x 80

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